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We track everything.
Our heart rate, our steps,
our weight, etc.
But never how we feel.Our mood is rarely recorded and often
forgotten, making it difficult to
manage our mental well-being.
See how you feel with one tap a day,
so that you can see the big picture and
take charge of your mental well-being.

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mood Is 100% Private

and only accessible to you.

We can’t see, share, track,
or sell your information.


Gareth knew things hadn’t felt right for a while.
But he didn’t know how bad or for how long. So he
started recording how he felt each day with a
calendar and colored pens.

And over weeks and months he gained a new
perspective that helped him take charge of his
mental well-being. Along the way, he met other
people who wanted to do the same.

And that’s why he created mood.

Gareth lives and works as an architect in Wales.
He is a family man, happiest in his garden or
swimming in the (cold) Welsh sea.

What we’ve heard

“mood is a brilliantly simple way of being able to capture and review how I’m feeling. It’s intuitive and visual. The daily prompts are gentle but help me review how I’ve been and then reflect on why. I love it.”

Mark Shayler, Reasons to be Cheerful

“I like mood’s singleminded approach. It does one thing. And it does that one thing really really well. At my lowest, when I can do little else, I’m still able to log my mood with the app; which I’ve found invaluable when I come out the other side.”

Damon, London

“This felt like a friend getting in touch every evening just to ask how I felt. No pressure, no introspection, just a simple tap to convey my feelings. When I look back I find the patterns revealing and helpful.”

Glen Peters, CEO, Western Solar

“In a busy, hectic world, the mood app is a super easy and instant way to chart your mood. I look forward to my once-daily prompts and I love how I can instantly see in color how I’ve been feeling over a period of time.”

Alex Jenkins, Graphic designer and photographer

“I’ve been using the mood app for some months, and what I love is its simplicity, and its graphic presentation of information. A big test of apps for me is whether I keep using them on an on-going regular basis, and that’s been the case with mood. Highly recommended.”

Siôn B, Church in Wales cleric, Cardiff

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